MidCoast Council has applied for $1.4 million in funding for the construction of a sewer pump station that will support the delivery of new housing supplies in New South Wales.

The funding is part of the New South Wales Government’s Regional Housing Fund, which supports large infrastructure projects in regional areas.

Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell, said that an application had been made to the fund after the MidCoast was announced as an eligible council.

Eligible councils are those experiencing high levels of housing growth and/or those that are under housing supply pressures.

“We have applied for $1.4 million to support the development of what is known as precinct 2B in Old Bar,” Mr De Szell said.

“Old Bar is a strategic growth area for the MidCoast, and there are 1,300 housing lots, a business precinct and town park in this development area.”

Mr De Szell said the application is for the construction of a $1.4 million sewer pump station, which is the piece of critical infrastructure required to allow the development of the precinct.

Precinct 2B was rezoned in 2010, and is located to the west of the existing Old Bar township on both sides of Old Bar Road.

“The key challenge for developing housing in this precinct has been the provision of a sewer pump station,” Mr De Szell said. 

With almost 50 landowners, there has been no single developer in a position to forward fund the required infrastructure, resulting in limited housing development in this Precinct over the last 12 years.

“The Regional Housing Fund would enable Council to construct the crucial sewer pump station, unlocking the potential for the creation of around 1,300 lots for housing in this popular coastal location.”

The New South Wales Regional Housing Fund provides funding to eligible regional councils to deliver new infrastructure and open space projects that:

  • Unblock and accelerate new housing capacity in regional New South Wales
  • Bring forward construction and the opportunity for jobs and economic activity in the short-to-medium-term
  • Support investment in critical development infrastructure and high-quality public and open spaces projects
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