Works to remove a wastewater treatment plant at the Macquarie Point development in Tasmania are underway, signalling a critical milestone in the project with tenders for the new sewage pump station ready to be released. 

The project, which has been supported with $100 million in funding from the Tasmanian Government, is a major milestone in an ambitious redevelopment of wastewater management in Greater Hobart. 

As a former industrial site, Macquarie Point required extensive planning and rezoning before it was ready to develop, with this work finalised in 2019.

In the three years since, significant remediation works have been undertaken to remove centuries of soil pollution and parcels of land have been taken to the market, ready to develop.

TasWater has now advised the Government that based on the work it has done to date, the best option to service greater Hobart is to expand the existing treatment plant at Selfs Point, New Town. 

This proposed expansion will now be supported by an Environmental Impact Study – a key component of the process for the Environmental Protection Authority to consider and approve the plan.

Tenders are now ready to be released to market seeking partners to design a new sewage pump station and emergency storage; an interconnecting rising main between Macquarie Point and Selfs Point, and a significant upgrade and expansion of the existing treatment plant at Selfs Point.

The decommissioning of the Macquarie Point wastewater treatment plant is expected to be complete by 2025. 

Tenders are now open for the Macquarie Point STP primary inlet pump replacement, closing 17/08/2022. To view the tender, visit

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