The WA Minister for Water Terry Redman has announced the completion of a $12 million upgrade to the Williams wastewater scheme.

The project involved the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to cater for future population growth and enable recycled wastewater to be used on the town’s football oval.

Mr Redman said the Shire of Williams had previously irrigated the oval during the summer months using rainwater pumped from a storage dam.

“The new wastewater treatment plant will increase treatment capacity from 32,000 litres a day to 150,000 litres a day,” he said.

“The new plant has been fitted with a recycling system, which will allow 100 per cent of the town’s wastewater to be treated and reused on the football oval.

“Irrigation to the football oval may be supplemented by the shire’s rainwater storage dam in the drier summer months until flows into the wastewater treatment plant increase in line with population growth.

“Reusing wastewater to irrigate the oval reduces reliance on precious scheme water supplies.”

The Minister said the upgrade was a great outcome for Williams and reaffirmed the State Government’s commitment to sustain and develop regional communities.

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