You could have been forgiven for thinking that Lister Petter had gone out of business, and for a while there it was looking like it might, but for a couple British Industrialists who had the foresight to purchase the company with a view to returning it to its former glory.

One part of that plan was to establish an Oceania Regional Office within the region and it was decided that New Zealand was the place. That done Lister Petter set about a review of their distributors worldwide, that review found that whilst Australia was once a Lister Petter heartland many new players had entered the market and the Lister product had lost some of its glory.

In August 2009 Melbourne based company Welling & Crossley were appointed as the new Lister Petter distributor in Australia. Welling & Crossley are a well known manufacturer and distributor of Generating Sets around the country and a big time user of Diesel Engines. Their national distribution networks gave an immediate new market to the Lister Petter product and with the appointment of Mike Edwards (formerly having worked with both of the market leading brands of small Japanese engines) as National Sales Manager for the new Lister Petter division everything was in place.

“I’ve spent most of my working career putting these guys out of business, I guess it’s Karma that I’m now heading it up and re-establishing the brand”, says Mike.

Welling & Crossley believes there is still a place in the market for a solidly built, hardworking, old fashioned diesel engine in Australia. Many of the recent comers and larger companies have been obsessed with emissions controls and making engines for the USA and European markets, but here in Australia we still use diesel engines in the outback, hundreds of kilometers from nowhere, and the need for reliability is paramount. And Lister Petter “doesn’t make throw away engines, you can rebuild them more than once and more importantly you can afford to!” says Mike.

That’s not to say Welling & Crossley haven’t added a little technology to the old Lister Petter reliability, they are fitting them with state of the art Murphy irrigation control gear and with their own brand of fully programmable generator control gear. You can make them start or stop anyway you like.

Welling & Crossley are offering a full range of both Air Cooled and Water cooled Engines, Generating Sets, Fire Pump Engines and purpose built generators for Electric Submersible Bore Pumps and Center Pivot Irrigators.

For more information on the Lister Petter range contact Mike Edwards at Welling & Crossley on 1300 524 485 or email [email protected].

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