Greater Western Water has announced that it will build a new water tank to increase the drinking water storage capacity for one of Victoria’s fastest growing regions.

The $23 million investment is expected to secure a reliable water supply for the wider Melton region for the next 100 years.

Construction is underway on Minns Road, with the tank expected to hold 30ML of water when completed later in 2024.

The new tank will be 10m high and 70m in diameter and its elevated position is designed to allow water to flow downhill naturally to supply water to the area, in a bid to be more cost-effective and energy efficient.

Greater Western Water’s Acting General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure, Bri George, said the investment highlights the utility’s commitment to providing reliable water services for its communities.

“It also shows how we’re improving our resilience to changing populations and climate.

“Melbourne’s west is rapidly growing and it’s essential we prepare for future water demand by investing in infrastructure so we can continue to supply safe and clean water.”

The new tank will replace a 20 megalitre water tank which was demolished on the same site in 2023 as it was reaching the end of its operational life.

Design and construction of the new tank is being delivered in partnership with Aqua Metro.

Featured image: Construction of the new water tank in Melton. Image credit: Greater Western Water.

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