Coliban Water has issued a tender for the supply of 3 sets of submersible pumps and 4 sets centrifugal pumps for the Harcourt Modernisation Project. The pumps will be installed in two new pump stations at Faraday and Barkers Creek respectively. The pumps will be installed by other contractors.

For technical enquiries please contact  Samuel Arulsuthan on (03) 54341216 or at

Queries will be accepted by email and phone up until 5pm, Thursday 25/07/2013.  Question and Answer addendums will be posted on the site intermittently.

The tender closes on Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 2:00 pm AEST Melbourne, Victoria.

Submit your response in hardcopy to Head Office, 37-45 Bridge Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550.

See Coliban Water for more information.

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