Sydney Water has begun planning for a $5 million renewal project on a wastewater pumping station located at the rear of Cabramatta Rugby Leagues Club, NSW. This follows a meeting with the Club where members raised concerns about the station in relation to aesthetics, contamination and other safety risks.

In all its operations, Sydney Water takes the safety of the community very seriously.

Due to the geography of the area (designated flood plain), this pumping station is a necessary part of the Cabramatta community’s wastewater system, servicing 7,600 properties.  It pumps the wastewater (sewage and grey water) away from the properties into the overall wastewater system. Without it, local homes and businesses would experience backflows of wastewater back up through their properties.

This pumping station has been in place at this site since 1962, prior to construction of the Cabramatta Rugby Leagues Club.  The location was chosen as it was a considerable distance from local residents. In subsequent years, the Cabramatta Rugby Leagues Club building was built nearby. We have had an ongoing relationship with the Leagues Club over those many years.

Sydney Water has met all its requirements under our EPA licence for this wastewater system and to ensure that that continues, we have committed almost $5 million to upgrade the pumping station. These works include replacement of pumps, switch gear and transformers and the installation of a generator as an extra safeguard for the community, in the rare event of a power failure.

Sydney Water understands the Leagues Club has commissioned a report on soil samples around the site. We would welcome a copy of that report and would work with the Club over any issues it raises with respect to Sydney water operations.

As part of standard operating procedures, Sydney Water conducts regular biological tests of soil and water to ensure we meet our environmental and public health obligations. There has been no testing for other substances at this site as there has been no history of contamination.

Due to the Club’s concerns regarding soil contamination, Sydney Water has commissioned a contamination investigation report which will include testing of local soil and water in the local creek. It will also work with NSW Health and the EPA to ensure the site is safe.

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