Burketown, Queensland

The Queensland Government has announced the latest round of Building our Regions funding, which will enable 50 Queensland councils to improve critical water and sewerage services over a total of 99 projects.

This sixth round will be divided into two project types – planning and infrastructure. Planning projects are those where funding was sought for a range of activities to prepare for construction of critical water and sewerage projects. Infrastructure projects are those that were ready for construction.

Including Round 6, the Building Our Regions program has contributed to 370 projects across 69 local government areas, this includes seven Indigenous councils and one town authority.

The program has leveraged close to $610 million in additional funding from other sources bringing the total program expenditure to more than $1 billion, supporting an estimated 3,180 construction jobs.

Queensland Water Minister, Glenn Butcher, said the Building Our Regions is a fantastic program supporting regional and rural councils, while creating 3,180 construction jobs across regional Queensland.

“Water and sewerage infrastructure are vital to good jobs, better services and the ongoing liveability of our wonderful Queensland communities,” Mr Butcher said.

“This round has received applications for a wide range of water and sewerage projects, and the delivery of these will assist local governments to enhance their water supply and wastewater management for regional communities.”

Building Our regions has been supporting Queensland’s local governments to invest in essential regional infrastructure, creating jobs and flow-on economic development opportunities.

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