A pipeline to supply drinking water to residents of Dwellingup, WA by connecting the South Dandalup Dam to the town has been completed by the Water Corporation.

The 10km pipeline project cost around $7.58million.

“This 10km pipe supplying Dwellingup from South Dandalup Dam provides long-term water security and reliable water quality for customers,” Water Minister Mia Davies said.

“It will also cater for future growth in the town out to 2040.

“Since 2010, the drying climate has presented supply challenges for Dwellingup, causing the town’s water supply, a soak on Dwellingup Brook, to become an unreliable source.

“Previously water had to be carted to guarantee water in dry years. This will now be a thing of the past with the new pipeline providing security of supply in the drying climate.”

Construction began in June 2013 with the new pipeline and pump station delivering water to customers from South Dandalup Dam in early 2014.

Ms Davies said the majority of the 10km pipeline was laid within the existing Del Park Road reserve to minimise environmental impacts. The Water Corporation also used trenchless technology to lay the pipeline through the heritage-listed Newton Street precinct and under Hotham Valley Tourist Railway line to reduce the impact of construction on residents and businesses.

“I am pleased to hear the Water Corporation received positive feedback from key stakeholders about the way it constructed the project with minimal impact on the environment and customers,” she said.

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