On the 25th of September, two reps from Crusader Hose who were travelling through Ayr in Northern Queensland,received an unexpected call from a customer. The customer, Carl List from Ayr Boring Co, told them that he had a problem with a pumping system. He suspected that the Flexibore riser pipe was leaking as the flow rate from the submersible pump had suddenly halved from 50 litres per second down to 25.

Determined to work out why the flow had decreased, Crusader Hose sales representative, Geoff Nathan, arranged with Carl to retrieve the malfunctioning pump the next day and check the condition of the riser pipe.

Carl turned up at the farm with his rig early the next morning and set about his task. Within fifteen minutes he retrieved the submersible pump, which had been hanging at approximately 25m deep in the bore.  The moment the pump surfaced, the cause of the malfunction became clear to all. A yellow bellied black snake had somehow made its way down the pipe and through the pump where it had met its grisly end. The reptile had ended up wrapped around the motor shaft of the pump causing the obstruction that had restricted the its flow.

Using a pair of long pliers, Geoff untangled the unfortunate snake from the motor.  The pump was then easily reinstalled on the Flexibore system and was soon back in working order.

Within an hour of Geoff’s arrival, the pump was back to its designed flow rate of 50 litres per second and the Ayr’s local birds of prey were provided with a tasty lunch courtesy of Crusader Hose and an over-adventurous snake.

Although the problem was not what either Crusader Hose rep or customer was expecting, the visit was a success for all involved. Except perhaps the black snake, who would probably have been better off contacting Crusader customer service if he was so interested in Flexibore.


About Crusader Hose

Crusader Hose is an Australian layflat hose manufacturer with over 24 years industry experience who specialises in supplying premium quality layflat hose for the fire-fighting, mining, irrigation, agriculture, fuel transfer and utility sectors in Australia and globally.

Their products include Flexibore which has revolutionised the submersible pump market. Apart from the fact that there is never any iron bacteria build-up inside, it is also very easy to install and retrieve.

Crusader Hose has developed an outstanding reputation for quality products as well as excellent and responsive customer service. Whether they are installing a new hose or removing a snake from a pump, no job is too big, too small or too tricky and getting on the road to deal directly with pump resellers has always been a key part of Crusader Hose’s strategy. ■

More information on Crusader Hose can be found on the Crusader Hose website:

About Ayr

Ayr is a rural town on the Lower Burdekin River delta, 70 km south-east of central Townsville. Established in 1882, Ayr is home to around 8400 people and is located within the Burdekin Shire, the region which produces the most sugar cane per square kilometre in Australia. Much of the water used for irrigation is drawn from underground water supplies or from the nearby Burdekin Dam.


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