Most of the safety issues and risks associated with surface aerators can be eliminated – without performance reduction – by using bank-mounted Venturi Aerators, according to Australian distributor Hydro Innovations.

With surface-mounted aerators, operators need to access them via floating walkways or some kind of vessel, which requires working over water. Alternatively, the aeration devices may need to be lifted out by cranes or other lifting apparatus.

Venturi Aerators are powered by Gorman-Rupp self-priming centrifugal pumps, so they can be mounted on the banks of lagoons. This means that operators can perform all required servicing and maintenance without having to work over water, work at heights or work with heavy swinging weights.

When attempting to minimise risks associated with the aeration of ponds and lagoons, designers can eliminate most of them by simply choosing Venturi Aerators over other technologies. This does not mean that efficiency has to suffer. Venturi Aerators have been tested to produce as much as 1.86kg/kW of oxygen transferred per kW per hour.

Maintenance of these units is relatively simple as well. With no moving parts in the aerator, only the Gorman-Rupp pump will require any level of maintenance, and these pumps have a long track record of reliability and dependability. One operator can safely adjust clearances in minutes, and check and adjust seal and bearing oil levels.

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