Supreme features coupled with excellent performance have resulted in Shakti solar pumps making a distinctive mark in the pump market around the world.

Available in the range of 0.37­75kW, Shakti solar pumps offer 40 per cent more discharge as compared to other pumps. This makes Shakti Pumps a leader in the solar pump market.

Shakti Pumps has always been a pioneer in state­-of-­art-­technology, and has designed its solar pump sets based on its signature fabricated technology for the best discharge and value for money.

This technology is independent of electricity and diesel, so people at remote locations can enjoy the benefit of a Shakti solar pump. Agricultural users can enhance their cropping area with regular water supply through these pumps.

Being solar powered, users are able to avoid the downtime that can be associated with load sharing and interrupted supply. Solar pumps are also free from problems like feeder damage, supply cuts and rate hikes.

It has been noted that as a result of voltage fluctuations, some motors can get burnt out, requiring costly and timely repairs. With solar pumps this is not the case; and Shakti solar pumps are able to generate constant, high quality energy which can enhance the life of pumps by up to 25 years.

Shakti has aimed to create the best quality products, utilising the latest technology at an affordable price, so that customers with a range of different budgets can enjoy the performance of Shakti products.

Shakti solar pumps are specially designed with the latest technology, lowering the risk of damage and protecting them from unfavourable conditions. Shakti solar panels are made of tempered glass, which is extremely durable – a crack in tempered glass will not impede the solar cells from working properly.

Shakti solar pumps:

  • Are India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of solar pumps
  • Feature proven motor, pump and motor control and solar PV maximum power point technology for reliable and fail safe operation
  • Offer supply, installation and commissioning turnkey capability for solar pumps, either directly or through channel partners
  • Are easy to operate, simple to install, require no maintenance, and offer value for money and attractive paybacks.

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