Water Corporation is in the practical completion stage on a major upgrade for the rural town of Collie in the south west of Western Australia. An eight kilometre pipeline has been under development from the southern end of Stirling Dam, connecting to an existing pipeline to the north west of Harris Dam. The project was implemented to improve the town’s quality of drinking water and maintain an efficient supply of the resource within the dry months when rainfall is at its minimum.

AVK Australia Group partner AVK Flow Control supplied 6x Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valves ranging from a minimum of DN700 to a maximum of DN900. The valves were manufactured to Australian standards, and designed to provide a resourceful flow and transfer of water, thus ensuring the sustainability of Harris Dam. The specifications of the installation required customised electronic actuators that could be monitored and controlled from remote locations around Australia when water levels begin to reach critical points.

Committing to its key promises of ‘Expect Solutions, Not Just Products’ and ‘Expect Prompt Response’, the AVK Flow Control team was on-site and always on time whenever assistance was required, providing a high-level of quality service, support and commissioning from planning to completion. External contractors were also in support for Water Corporation, collaborating with the Sales and Technical Support, AVK has managed to build further customer relationships and establish long-term partnership.

The expectations of the project require the valves to be underground for the next 40 years without any maintenance required, thereby reinforcing the quality and durability of AVK brands.

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