MGZXD Super Duplex stub shaft pump

In an effort to supply a more comprehensive service to the pump industry, SAER has released two brand new pump catalogues; the MG stub-shaft pump range and the NCB-NCBK end suction pump range.

In addition to its existing IR range, these new offerings broaden its pump selection, and include a range of new models and high efficiency standards both from the hydraulic and electric point of view, to ensure a better saving of resources.

The MG stub-shaft pump range

The MG stub-shaft range is designed to be a compact solution that offers ease of maintenance. Its “back pull-out” design allows the pump’s rotating part to be removed without needing to remove the pump’s entire body from the plant pipes, making it well-suited to naval and industrial applications.

The suction profile is also designed to increase the suction capacity and to reduce the NPSH and the possibility of cavitation. There are more than 800 models of the MG stub-shaft available, with the option of two or four poles that range in power from 0.37kW up to 90kW.

This versatile range goes from DN32 to DN200 and it is available in cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316, marine bronze and super duplex.

Motors are optimised to IE3 and IE4 efficiency classes, plus they are ErP Directive compliant, oversized and suitable for use with VFD as standard – up to 55kW included. These pumps are suitable for coupling with standardised motors with B35 construction and dimensions, according to EN 50347.

They are also available in ACS configuration and cover the same spectrum of curves as the IR range.

NCB-NCBK end suction pump range

NCB-NCBK range can cover up to 2000 m3/h and can be supplied as bareshaft, on a base complete with a motor, or on a base without a motor – either with a diesel or an electric engine. The range of materials and configurations available make this pump incredibly versatile and well-suited to a plethora of applications, including pumping water above 140°C, oil bath bearing, use in firefighting systems and as PAT (pump as turbine) for energy recovery.

Close coupled IR series

The close coupled IR series features a compact yet heavy-duty design to minimise costs and footprint while allowing for longer machine lifecycles. Pumps are available in a selection of different metals and alloys – including cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316, bronze, spheroidal cast iron and super duplex – with short delivery times for all options.

The characteristics of this pump series allow them to be used in a wide range of environments – from recirculation and air conditioning systems to water supply, for pressurisation groups. Comparable to the MG range in terms of models, the IR family includes more than 800 models, in two and four poles, outlets from DN32 to DN200 and power ratings from 0.37kW to 90kW. A model with an IE 4 efficiency motor is also available.

All MG, NCB and IR end suction pumps are available with an inverter on the motor board up to18.5kW. The inverter regulates the rotation speed of the motor, resulting in: lower wear of mechanical components and reduction of water hammer risk on the system.

This leads to a reduced life cost and energy savings with minimal environmental impact. Laboratory tests are conducted to offer solutions for even the most extreme working conditions.

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