Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure recently completed the purchase of Kembla Watertech. The business will now be known as Abergeldie Watertech. Prior to this, Abergeldie Watertech had been successfully operating the Kembla Watertech business under a licence arrangement since 8 September 2014.

Abergeldie Watertech is part of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, a group which specialises in the delivery of complex infrastructure across eastern Australia. It is a diversified business which has a proven track record of delivering roads, bridges, rail and electrical infrastructure, dams, wharves, tunnels, and shafts. It also operates in the water and wastewater sectors with specialisations around dewatering, odour control, and aeration working predominantly in facilities design, construction, and maintenance. Abergeldie has a reputation for the safe delivery of quality projects and has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Townsville, and Canberra.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure now has an additional office in Melbourne and another complex infrastructure capability, the relining of existing sewer and stormwater pipelines. Abergeldie Watertech intends to add the relining of existing watermains to its capabilities in the very near future.

Abergeldie Watertech will comprise all the people, all the technology, and all the specialist equipment of Kembla Watertech, but now supported by all the resources of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure.

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