The Maric flow control valve in a water treatment application.

The Maric flow control valve in a water treatment application.

Many water treatment processes require an accurate and inexpensive method of controlling flow rate. The Maric Flow Control Valve has been developed to provide a constant pre-set flow rate regardless of pressure levels and fluctuations.

Maric’s flow control valves are used in a variety of processes including reverse osmosis, media filtration and chemical dosing. The Maric valve ensures a constant flow of water regardless of the pressure variations that might occur in the system. Their simple design, with no wearing parts, is well suited to desalination plants and water treatment systems. The valves are also tamperproof, and require no adjustment or maintenance.

One typical application for Maric valves in water treatment is to control backwash flow rate and prevent loss of media in the media filters when the same pump is used for service duty and backwash. During backwashing, it is essential to maintain the correct flow rate as specified by the filter manufacturer.  The correct rate ensures the ideal upflow velocity and bed expansion of the filter media for optimum cleaning. Too high a flow rate will wash the media bed out of the tank, where it will be lost to waste, rendering the media filter useless. A flow control valve fitted in the backwash circuit ensures optimum media cleaning, and prevents loss of media.

MAK Water is a recognised Australian desalination and wastewater treatment specialist. According to the Engineering Manager, MAK Water regularly installs Maric Flow Control Valves in their water treatment plants.

“Doing so enables us to use the media filter feed pump as a backwash pump, resulting in cost savings by avoiding the need to install a dedicated backwash pump, whilst still controlling the backwash flow rate and protecting the pumps from damage.”

Typical cost savings range from $2,000 to more than $10,000, depending on the flow rates involved.

“The Maric Flow Control Valve is also critical in circumstances where the MAK Water Treatment Plant is designed to accept pressurised feed water supply; it provides a cost effective and reliable way to control the backwash flow rate without the need to control the client’s feed pump.”

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