Through the 2019 Budget the ACT Government will upgrade heating systems across nine public schools, replacing aged and inefficient systems with low to zero emission systems, including electric heat pumps.

The ACT Government is investing $15.9 million over four years to upgrade the heating systems across nine ACT public schools including:

  • Red Hill School
  • Fadden Primary School
  • Forrest Primary School
  • Lyneham Primary School
  • Wanniassa Hills Primary School
  • Mount Stromlo High School
  • Alfred Deakin High School
  • Telopea Park School
  • Hawker College

This initiative will provide an accelerated program of upgrades to the gas fired boilers and associated distribution networks at aging ACT public schools.

The replacement plant will be selected based on the option that is best supported by the infrastructure at each school, with the aim of reducing polluting emissions as much as possible.

At four of these schools gas fired boilers will be replaced by electric heat pumps, entirely removing reliance on gas for heating.

Hybrid gas/electric systems will allow for an 80 per cent reduction in emissions at each of a further two schools, and at the remaining schools emissions will be reduced by a quarter through new, efficient gas condenser boilers.

Overall the government expects that this initiative will see a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by at least 621 tonnes.

This significant emission reduction makes an important contribution to the ACT Government’s emission reduction goal of zero net emissions by 2045, as well as reducing school energy costs.

Through this initiative the government will also undertake energy efficiency upgrades including double-glazing windows, improved insulation, air locks, automatic doors and draught-proofing to create a more comfortable environment for students and staff.

These upgrades will improve the resilience of school buildings to extreme temperatures to make sure learning and teaching environments maintain a stable and optimal temperature.

The ACT Government committed $85 million for school upgrades in the 2016 election, which was funded in the 2017 Budget.

In the 2018 Budget the government built on this commitment with a $17.9 million investment over four years in roof upgrades.

The government is further building on this commitment with its 2019 Budget investment in heating upgrades.

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