When it comes to pump selection, there are so many different pumps on the market and finding the correct solution can be tough. An air operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump is widely regarded as a safe, reliable and versatile performer, requiring minimal maintenance and able to handle a vast array of fluids in the harshest of environments.

This makes it an immensely popular choice across a myriad of applications as they offer unique benefits that set them apart from other pump technologies.

Figure 1: A Sandpiper HD20F Non-Metallic Pump.

These advantages include:


An AODD pump does not require electricity to run. This means it is safe to operate the pump in explosive or hazardous environments where an electrical supply would pose a risk. This feature also aids portability with the array of base mounting options allowing the pump to be easily transported from site to site.

Being completely sealed also allows the pump to be fully submerged in liquid without affecting operational performance so long as the pump’s materials are compatible with the surrounding fluid and the exhaust from the pump is piped away to be above the fluid line.

Simple design

The simple design of an AODD pump is a key point of difference when compared with other pumps. It offers significant benefits, none more so than its ability to pump a wide array of materials.

They do not require the use of expensive mechanical seals to operate and their simplistic design and construction with no rotating parts makes them easy to assemble, dismantle, clean and repair.

AODD pumps are capable of running dry without damage. This makes AODD pumps very useful in applications where the fluid being pumped may suddenly run out.



Since an AODD pump does not require connection to a fixed electrical power source to operate, they can easily be moved from location to location if required.


Figure 2: Sandpiper Metallic and Non-Metallic S20 and S30.

Well known for its versatility, an AODD pump is capable of safely handling an extensive range of fluids including solid-laden liquids as well as abrasive and viscous fluids, without sustaining damage to the pump.

As with most pumps, selecting the right design elements depends on the pump’s intended purpose. AODD pumps are available in a wide range of materials including metals and plastics, meaning they are capable of pumping even the most abrasive fluids.

Flow rate

Just as pump size is determined by the desired flow rate and pressure conditions, the flow rate for an AODD pump is easily managed by controlling the supply of air to the pump or by throttling a valve at the pump discharge if one has been fitted.

It goes without saying that no single pump can be a perfect fit for all applications, however, an AODD pump can cover a wide range of applications and materials and is often preferred because of the many advantages they present.

With a vast array of pumping designs and solutions available, ensuring you have the right pump for the right application involves a thorough set of considerations. If in doubt, consult your pump supplier.

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