Coliban Water has reached an agreement with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regarding amendments to its Operating License for the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant, which will see changes to environmental performance standards that will protect health and environment. 

In 2019 Coliban acknowledged the historical non-compliance issues at the plant, and began a $20 million investment program.

Over the past four years this investment has delivered a step-change in environmental performance including:

  • A 95 per cent reduction in phosphorus in river releases of highly treated water 
  • A trebling of treated water storage 
  • Construction of a 14km pipeline to supply recycled water for agricultural use
  • A new Class C to Class B recycled water facility
  • Major new agricultural recycled water customers connected and operating, with an additional 350ML of recycled water provided for agricultural use each year 
  • Continued supply of recycled water to the Kyneton Racecourse, the Kyneton Botanic Gardens and local sports fields 

Coliban Water and the EPA have agreed to the conditions for Kyneton’s Water Reclamation Plant Licence, which was underpinned by an extensive evidence based environmental risk assessment.

The conditions will meet the needs of the Campaspe River and surrounding environment, as well as Coliban’s customers and the broader community. 

Coliban has said that it is continuing with major environmental protection investment across the 49 towns that it serves over the coming five years as part of its $435 million capital investment program, which is supported by its customers and endorsed by the Essential Services Commission.

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