As energy prices continue to rise, motor efficiencies will remain a hot topic

by Spiro Fkiaras – Product Manager LV Motors at WEG Australia

Reducing the speed of a pump to deliver required levels of flow or pressure can result in significant energy savings. Whilst this statement is generally true and readily accepted by industry, those scrutinising return on investment and payback periods have often found them to be much longer than originally anticipated. Why?

Often overlooked is the fact that with any reduction in pump speed and pump load, there will also be a reduction in motor efficiency. Power consumed throughout the speed range is therefore higher than expected, thus extending the payback period.

To address this issue, WEG has further developed its highly successful CFW11 “Optimal Flux” drives. The new technology allows WEG motors to maintain high levels of efficiency, irrespective of pump speed and load, thus significantly improving return on investment.

Figure 1 demonstrates the efficiency gains realised through the use of WEG motor and drive packages.

Continuing to lead the way in energy- efficient solutions, WEG understands that many installations do not comprise variable speed drives and cannot benefit through the application of same. To that end, WEG offers a full range of IE4 induction motors. These deliver high efficiency and high starting torque and unlike some other IE4 motors on the market, are also suitable for direct on line and soft starting application.

For installations where super high levels of efficiency are mandated, the ultimate energy-efficient solution comes in the form of a WEG WMagnet/CFW11 motor/drive package. WMagnet is WEG’s latest range of permanent magnet AC motors delivering IE5 efficiency levels.


Figure 2.

In comparison to alternative technologies, including switched and synchronous reluctance, WMagnet delivers smoother operation, reduced audible noise, and reduced supply current draw, as outlined in Figure 2.

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