Atlas Copco Compressors Australia has launched a renewed focus on compressed air, vacuum systems and on-site gas generation utility services.

Markku Keloneva, Business Line Manager for service at Atlas Copco Compressors Australia, says that the company “has always had a comprehensive portfolio of repair, preventive maintenance and service agreement solutions for their customers.

“However, what is different now is that we are really trying to get the market to understand the true value of professional service and what impact it has to the quality of the compressed air and availability of the equipment, together with a potential for capturing significant energy savings by optimising these systems and eliminating leakages.”

Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK system for remote monitoring of individual equipment as well as the whole installation, is one of the great solutions available to improve operational efficiency and maximise equipment uptime.

With SMARTLINK end users can get regular updates on the performance of the equipment so that any potential malfunctions can be identified and rectified before they turn into production stops and costly breakdowns.

SMARTLINK communicates efficiently with its customers by using SMS, email or both.

“Preventive maintenance service agreements complemented with a remote monitoring system like SMARTLINK can have a major positive impact on the total cost of ownership and system uptime,” says Markku.

“By applying the latest technologies together with preventive maintenance service agreements, the operational costs can be predefined and budgeted precisely to suit the site’s specific needs.

“This also enables Atlas Copco as a service provider to assign the best resources for each intervention to make sure the correct spare parts and technical competence are always applied. This ensures that the equipment is running with highest uptime and lowest possible operational costs at all times. For the end user this means peace of mind, at all times.”

As part of the renewed focus on service, Atlas Copco Compressors Australia is ensuring all service employees around Australia are continuously updated on all service aspects and latest technologies.

“Atlas Copco has more than 100 service employees in Australia ranging from regional offices to local branches and every service team member has a strong local connection to where they are working, it’s basically locals helping other locals,” says Markku.

“Every service team member is connected at all times to Atlas Copco global support network, ensuring access to correct and latest information together with wealth of knowledge and experience we have obtained globally over the more than one hundred years in the compressed air business.”

More than just compressors

The Australian market is starting to realise that Atlas Copco provides much more than just compressed air equipment.

Atlas Copco’s application portfolio also includes industrial gas equipment and a vast selection of vacuum pumps.

“However, as the portfolio of products has expanded, so has the company’s offering for service,” says Markku.

“Atlas Copco strives to look after all types of equipment at end user sites, enabling hassle-free operations and one professional service provider for all different service requirements.

“It’s like having your personal doctor available at all times,” says Markku.

“At the end of the day, it’s vital to know that a professional service provider is looking after your valuable and critical compressed air, industrial gas and vacuum equipment, letting you focus on your core business.

“Atlas Copco Compressors Australia service team is fully committed to minimise your operational costs and maximise your equipment uptime.”

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