Atlas Copco has launched the UD+ coalescing compressed air filters, which combine two filtration processes in one product. The UD+ is unique in the market and offers energy savings, efficiency gains and reliably clean compressed air.

The UD+ is the newest addition to Atlas Copco’s extensive line of compressed air filter solutions. This two-in-one filter takes wrapped filter technology to a new level, combining the reliability and performance of wrapped filters with pressure drops lower than even pleated filters can achieve (40 per cent less pressure drops).

“Our compressed air solutions are of the highest quality, so our air treatment solutions should be too,” explains Bert Derom, Vice-President of Marketing. “With the UD+, we launch a compressed air filter innovation that saves space, energy and money without compromising on reliability and air quality.”

One UD+ filter outperforming two regular ones

Traditionally, two inline filters are needed to bring oil aerosol and solid particles in the compressed air down to acceptable levels for most applications (ISO 8573-1 Oil class 1 and 2; ISO 8573-1 Solid particle class 1). The UD+ replaces those two filters, saving space and reducing pressure drops with 40 per cent. Extensive testing shows the UD+ achieves the excellent air quality of two traditional filters, thanks to the UD+’s innovative glass fiber filter media package that is wrapped around the filter.

This technology is not only more efficient, it also offers increased reliability over traditional, pleated filters, which are prone to cracking. Learn more about the UD+’s working principle.


Proven peace of mind

The UD+ comes equipped with components of the highest quality, protection layers and a thick package of wrapped, enhanced glass fiber filter media. The UD+’s reliability and performances are certified according to ISO 12500-1:2007 and ISO 8573-2:2007 standards by TÜV Rheinland. Available models range from a capacity of 9 l/s to 8000 l/s.

From more information contact Atlas Copco Compressors Australia on 1800 023 469 or visit

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