After a recent seminar showed interest from stakeholders, Standards Australia has decided to form a National Committee on Fine Bubble Technology.

Fine Bubble Technology is a new technology that creates water containing ultra-fine bubbles smaller than the wavelength of light. It has an increasing number of applications in a range of industries, including cleaning, sterilisation, agriculture, fisheries, food production, beverages, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and healthcare.

The purpose of the seminar held in October was for participants to learn about the technology and ongoing work being done internationally on Fine Bubble Technology, as well as to determine if there was sufficient interest for Australia to participate in the international standards development committee.

Seminar participants included independent experts, regulators, interest groups, and representatives from the food, packaging, engineering, cosmetics, and chemicals industries. Dr Toshihiro Fujita, Chair of Japan’s National Mirror Committee of ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology, gave a keynote presentation.

Participants at the seminar felt that although Fine Bubble Technology was still in the nascent stages of development, it had great potential and could play a significant role in the Australian and global economy of the future. There was agreement that Australia should participate in the ongoing work on international standards on Fine Bubble Technology to facilitate the speed-to-market of this technology.

Given the interest from participants at the seminar, Standards Australia will establish an Australian national mirror committee, with the intention of becoming an “Observing” member at the ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology committee.

Standards Australia will seek support from more industry groups and stakeholders before the national mirror committee can become a full participating member of ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology.

Standards Australia welcomes further input from experts, stakeholders, and industry groups. Parties and individuals interested in providing input or joining the Australian national mirror committee for Fine Bubble Technology are welcome to contact Alison Scotland, National Sector Manager, at or 02 9237 6088.

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