Pump Industry Australia is pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of the Australian Pump Technical Handbook, which is now available via its website,

For the past two years, the Pump Technical Handbook has undergone a major upgrade in which all chapters have been carefully reviewed and upgraded to ensure they are fully up to date and readily understood for all those reading the book – all resulting in a nearly 40 per cent increase in content.

In addition to the review, two new chapters were created based on splitting of the current Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance chapter to become three chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 16 – Pump Installation
  • Chapter 17 – Pump Commissioning
  • Chapter 18 – Operation and Maintenance

The first two of these chapters have been upgraded and expanded to include the latest pump installation requirements, along with a complete run down of the commissioning process including the evaluation of that process. The Operation and Maintenance chapter has also been expanded to cover Pump Safety, as well as the inclusion of sections detailing routine and preventative maintenance.

While all chapters were fully reviewed, updated and simplified for easy reading, the following chapters underwent a more detailed upgrade:

  • Chapter 5 – Selection of Centrifugal Pumps: The section on specific speed which was in Chapter 3 has been relocated here and an extra section on suction specific speed has been added
  • Chapter 9 – Application and Selection of Slurry Pumps: The chapter has been completely rewritten with a more detailed logical emphasis on the process of selecting and applying a slurry pump for a specific slurry, including an example of the selection calculation
  • Chapter 10 – Efficient Operation of Pump Systems: With the continuing emphasis on the need for more efficient pumping systems, this chapter has been reviewed and upgraded to take into account the latest advances in this field
  • Chapter 11 – Pump Materials: In light of the major rewrite to slurry pump chapter, a section on slurry pump materials has been added to this chapter along with a full review of the standards relating to pump materials
  • Chapter 13 – Intake Design: The section on the calculation of optimum sump volumes has been updated because the original was not clear and required clarification
  • Chapter 15 – Pump Testing: Since the publication of the fifth edition of the Pump Technical Handbook, in 2018 the Australian Standard on pump testing was updated resulting in the need to update this chapter due to, among other things, changes in the test tolerances
  • Chapter 22 – Pumping Formulae: The revamp of the slurry pump chapter with its own sample calculation is such that the sample slurry calculation shown in previous editions in this chapter is no longer required and has been deleted

Due to the change in how we publish our handbooks, we are able to offer PIA members the opportunity to customise either or both the Pipe Friction Handbook and the Pump Technical Handbook with covers in their companies’ colours and logos. We would provide you the detailed sizing for you to design the cover copy as well as some small restrictions we will need you to comply with.

The above is a short summary of the changes in the latest edition of the Pump Technical Handbook which we believe greatly improves the handbook as far as its technical content and readability is concerned. We commend this latest edition to you.

The sixth edition of the Australian Pump Technical Handbook, as well as the Pipe Friction Handbook, are available at

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