The largest redevelopment project in Sydney, the Barangaroo precinct, is using a Link-Seal penetration sealing system from Projex during construction, with the new development being built to provide a public, residential, retail and commercial area. 

Link-Seal mechanical seals were specified and installed to instantly and efficiently seal the annular space around critical pipe penetrations passing through walls, floors and ceilings. 

Link-Seals have been utilised across Barangaroo for the seawater system, numerous rainwater tanks and sewage wastes. 

Unlike grouts, sealants or epoxies, Link-Seal creates an instant seal that does not shrink or require ongoing maintenance. Link Seals are available in different compounds and sizes to best suit every application and can be used around most types of pipes and withstand a wide range of chemicals.

Sewage waste pipe penetrations in Barangaroo basements

The sewer mining and sewer outfall penetrations located in the basements of Barangaroo have been sealed with the Link-Seal model “O”, designed for polyvinyl chloride and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. 

This type of Link-Seal is suitable for highly corrosive environments and is resistant to oils and fuel, as well as many solvents such as methane and hydraulic fluid.

In other cases where fragile pipes have been installed, the low durometer (Model “L”) is specifically designed to create a seal without distorting the pipe.

Seawater Pipe Penetrations – Barangaroo Hickson Road 

When exposed to seawater, the stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers on the Barangaroo Hickson Road were replaced with “SAF 2507” Super Duplex nuts, bolts and washers, which enabled the Link-seal to be immersed in seawater and exposed to UV radiation in regular cycles. 

With the tidal water movements affecting this area of the Barangaroo, it was crucial to ensure that the compound and the longevity of the seawater seal would survive this harsh environment.

Rainwater tank pipe penetrations in Barangaroo Towers

The southern part of the Barangaroo project hosts three iconic high-rise towers, the International Towers Sydney, and comprises residential apartments, retail shops, office buildings, restaurants, hotel, and cultural facilities.

Link-Seal advantages at a glance

  • Specially formulated to resist ageing, attack from ozone, sunlight, water and most chemicals
  • Positive hydrostatic seal – rated to 5Bar – 500KpA
  • Long-term pipe penetration seal
  • Can be adjusted and re-installed an unlimited number of times
  • Simple Installation – only one contractor and hand tools required
  • Allowance for pipe movement
  • Instant seal achieved – no curing time required
  • Link-Seal installations take 75 per cent less time when compared to lead-oakum joints, hand fitted flashings, mastics or casing boots

The Link-Seal pipe penetration sealing system is considered to be one of the better  solutions when it comes to sealing pipe penetrations for long periods of time. 

The durability and efficiency of the product has been proven in many installations over the years. As an example, Link-Seal “O” Models have been used at the Altona Oil Refinery in Victoria and have provided a permanent seal into the bund. 

These pipe seals have been in place for more than 30 years without any leaks or complications. The Link-Seals have been removed and reinstated several times during their life for pipe inspection and maintenance, the removal and reinstallation is possible as they are a mechanical seal.  

No allowance is needed to be made for down time on curing, which produces significant savings in time and capital. 

The Barangaroo project commenced in 2012 and is expected to be completed by 2023. 

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