North East (NE) Water is set to upgrade the Benalla Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) after it received the go-ahead from Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

NE Water has projected population growth in the region to the year 2050 will increase the average daily flows to the plant from around two megalitres (ML) to 3.71 ML.

The proposed upgrades are required within the existing boundaries of the premises to prepare for this growth.

The proposed works of the Benalla WWTP Upgrade have been designed under a staging strategy and include:

  • Decommissioning the existing maturation lagoons
  • Replacing the inlet works
  • Upgrading the existing aerated lagoon (aerators)
  • Replacing the existing maturation lagoons with new lagoons by stages
  • Providing new winter storage to match the size of the irrigation area
  • Upgrading irrigation pump stations/pipelines

Tim Faragher, Director EPA Development and Infrastructure, said, “The upgrade to NE Water Benalla WWTP will provide sustainable capacity for Benalla township, whilst protecting the surface water quality of Broken River. 

“NE Water must provide EPA with an updated Environment Improvement Plan and Land Capability Assessment to ensure protection of soil and groundwater of the irrigation areas.”

The proposed Benalla WWTP Upgrade works will continue to treat wastewater to Class C standard for irrigation reuse. 

The Works Approval and assessment summary are available to view at

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