Two huge 900-millimeter valves – the biggest of their kind in the region – have been installed on a water main in Golden Square as part of the groundwork being put in place for the future growth of Bendigo, with works almost complete on upgrades to a major water main, and construction of a three megalitre tank and booster pump station underway.

Executive General Manager Service Delivery, Danny McLean, said the major project on Aspinall Street, which runs between Kangaroo Flat and Golden Square, will play a significant role in allowing for future growth to the west of Bendigo.

“The water main currently services more than 25,000 residents in Bendigo, including the Bendigo Hospital and St John of God Hospital, so it’s a major piece of infrastructure we’re working on to enable further growth,” Mr McLean said.

The water main runs from the Bendigo Water Treatment Plant at Kangaroo Flat to the Specimen Hill Reservoir in Golden Square, and for the works to occur, the pipeline will be  shut down for a number of days.

A major part of the project is to install a new connection point or ‘T’, which is the beginning of a new trunk water main from Golden Square to Maiden Gully.

Construction on the new main is expected to start mid-2022, and take around eight months to build.

“This is a major step in progressing pressure improvement projects to the west of Bendigo, including suburbs like Marong and Maiden Gully.

“There is huge growth in this part of the region, and it’s crucial we’re putting in the infrastructure now to support these communities into the future,” Mr McLean said.

Another project currently underway to support growth in this area is the Marong Tank Project, with a new three megalitre tank and booster pump station to be installed. 

“Most of the concrete walls of the tank are already completed on the project, which is designed to improve efficiency and create a more robust network in Marong,” Mr McLean said.

The tank project will be completed before the summer of 2021 to ensure customers in the region have access to a strong, secure supply in the warmer weather.

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