The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program is considering introducing mandatory Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) and labelling for residential pool pumps.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program, a joint initiative of the Australian, New Zealand, and state and territory governments, is currently examining the costs and benefits of introducing the standards.

The E3 Program will examine the current pool pump market in Australia and New Zealand and review the evidence for regulation change and potential options.  

This review will then inform a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement, which is the first step in creating the mandatory standards.

The E3 Program will examine specific regulation reforms options including:

  • No change in current arrangements
  • Regulation requiring mandatory energy efficiency labelling for pool pumps
  • Regulation requiring mandatory MEPS for pool pumps
  • Regulation requiring both mandatory labelling and mandatory MEPS

The E3 Program will also look at the scope of the standards and what would be covered by any new regulations, such as what type of pumps or equipment should be covered by any new regulation for pool pump energy efficiency improvements.

The E3 Program will also explore transitional arrangements from current voluntary energy labelling to a mandatory label.

If you are a supplier, manufacturer or importers with an interest in pool pumps in the Australian and New Zealand markets, contact Peter McLoughlin (02) 6243 7957 or email with Swimming Pool Pumps in the subject line.

Alternatively you can contact PIA’s Kevin Wilson at for more information.

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