The last remaining Public Health Alerts (PHAs) have been removed from TasWater connected water supplies in Tasmania following the completion of an infrastructure upgrade program with 100 per cent of TasWater’s customers now able to enjoy a glass of water that is safe to drink, straight from the tap.

TasWater Chairman, Miles Hampton, said this is a historic development for the Tasmanian community.

“Drinking water infrastructure, like roads, electricity and transport networks, underpin the economic and social structure of a community. Now with the completion of our 24glasses – Regional Towns Water Supply Program, every TasWater customer has access to clean and safe water,” Mr Hampton said.

“The project took some time to build momentum, but in the last two years alone we have built 17 water treatment plants, installed four water transfer pipelines, cleaned and upgraded water mains and reticulation networks, and installed tank systems where it was the community preference.”

To maintain water quality, TasWater has a $1.7 billion program to invest in improving aging infrastructure systems over the next eight years.

“Not just in water, but in dams, dam safety, upgrades as well as sewerage pump stations as well as sewerage treatment plants, so it’s a massive job,” CEO, Mike Brewster, said.

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