In 2012, Netzsch Australia secured an order to supply several hundred well-head booster pumps to a major CSG player in Queensland.

Existing well-heads used the pressure from the downhole pump to transfer the produced water to gathering stations but this design put a back-pressure on the well and reduced production. The solution was to use a collection vessel after the downhole pump and a booster pump drawing off the vessel. The booster pumps transfer the produced water many kilometres in some cases at pressures above 10 bar.

Netzsch progressing cavity pumps were selected for the duty due to their robustness and ability to handle corrosive fluids containing abrasive solids over a wide range of flowrates at high pressure. The API676 rotary positive displacement pumps are driven by hydraulic motor and are complete with a pressure relief valve with pipeback and dry running protection is achieved with a thermistor embedded in the pump stator.

NETZSCH from Germany, the world’s largest manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps, recently founded Netzsch Australia, with offices in NSW and Queensland. NETZSCH has been manufacturing progressive cavity pumps for more than 60 years and has an unrivalled portfolio of positive displacement pumps including progressing cavity, rotary lobe, twin screw, dosing pumps plus a range of macerators.

NETZSCH has manufactured some of the world’s largest progressive cavity pumps at its factory in Bavaria. Capacities up to 500m3/h and pressures up to 48 bar as standard, and up to 240 bar for high pressure applications.

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