A new water treatment plant – consisting of two containerised facilities as well as several new tanks – has been cranded into place at Bronte Park in Tasmania’s Central Highlands region.

It is one of 12 new treatment plants installed by TasWater around the state to meet its commitment to end all public health alerts by the end of August 2018.

The plant has been manufactured in a factory in Launceston by TasWater contractor TRILITY and its subsidiary Hydramet. In total, eight similar modular plants have been built – the Bronte Park treatment plant is the last to roll off the production line.

It was transported by road to site and lifted into place by crane. Once installation is complete, the treatment plant will complete the integrated water supply system.

Bronte Park’s water supply was originally installed by the Hydro Electric Commission in the 1940’s with much of it replaced by a private developer from the 1960’s. TasWater took over Bronte Park’s water supply in 2016.

The water will continue to be sourced from Hydro Tasmania’s Bronte Canal which is fed from Pine Tier Lagoon. Following treatment the drinking water will be stored in both the existing and two new reservoirs before being piped to the existing reticulation network.

Now the treatment plant modules are in place, the piping, mechanical and electrical connections will be completed ahead of a stringent testing program overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.

It is only after this that Bronte Park’s current Boil Water Alert can be lifted. TasWater is on track to meet this commitment by the end of August 2018. Until then, all water for consuming must continue to be boiled.

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