When Yarra Valley Water needed a solution to continue supplying water to homes while they upgraded their pipeline infrastructure, they found an innovative partner in Crusader Hose.

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) is engaged in a steady program of regular maintenance works for the water distribution pipelines that supply the residents in their catchment areas. Some of these pipes are over 100 years old and are cracked and leaking.

When the utility identifies water mains that need servicing or relining, it is important that the works are carried out efficiently and effectively. For YVW, it’s also important that their customers are not inconvenienced by being left without water while maintenance works are underway.

YVW teamed up with Crusader Hose to develop a solution to the challenge of continuing potable water supply into homes during upgrades. The solution involves using Crusader’s range of flexible hose, Waterlord, to connect residents to their water source.

The problem

YVW were looking for a better way to provide customers continuous access to potable water while mains upgrades were being carried out.

Previously, the utility would disconnect affected homes in the morning and reconnect them in the evening, causing inconvenience to customers, who were left without water for a significant portion of each day.

For the utility itself, it was also an inefficient use of staff time, with hours spent each day suspending refurbishment works in order to reconnect homes. As a result, only short sections could be undertaken and costly diggings were carried out daily.

These maintenance works were taking longer and longer to complete. When YVW approached Crusader Hose, they were looking for a solution which would save them man hours plus result in improved outcomes for customers.

The Pureline system uses Waterlord 300 series hose to create a temporary water bypass.

The Pureline system uses Waterlord 300 series hose to create a temporary water bypass.

Together, YVW and Crusader Hose developed the Pureline system, using the Waterlord 300 series hose to create a temporary water bypass. Customers along the street for up to 2km, are connected to a potable bypass hose so that works can proceed on the damaged pipeline in question without interrupting household supply.

“This bypass system incorporates T fittings at 9m intervals so that there is a point from which to feed into each household,” said Crusader Hose Managing Director Francois Steverlynck.

Once set up and connected, the innovative system can provide residents with an uninterrupted potable water supply for weeks at a time.

In turn, this allows maintenance works to proceed without the interruption or downtime required to disconnect and reconnect residential supplies at the beginning and end of each day.

The Pureline system is compact and easy to handle and install, giving YVW contractors the ability to set up within hours.

Thanks to the practical Pureline solution, customers are happy, and the utility is saving time and money – it’s a win-­win across the board.

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