The Western Australian Government has called for the state to become eligible for the $1.54 billion federal Off-farm Efficiency Program, which provides funding for off-farm water efficiency infrastructure projects in Murray-Darling Basin states only.

Western Australia Water Minister, Dave Kelly, requested changes to the eligibility criteria, noting that the state has received under two per cent of available federal water management and infrastructure funding over the past ten years.

The Western Australian Government has advocated for close to 12 months to secure this funding, and has invested more than $1.08 billion in regional Western Australia to fund critical water infrastructure and ensure the supply of urgently needed potable and non-potable water to the state’s regional communities.

The Federal Government’s continued focus on the Murray-Darling Basin states, as demonstrated by the recent announcement of the Off-farm Efficiency Program, means Western Australian farmers have been excluded from federal water infrastructure funding.

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