The MPC10 motor, engineered by Caprari SpA, has been launched onto the market to complete the MPC6 and MPC8 range, thus offering customers particularly well-performing products that stand out for their extremely low energy consumption compared to the industry average, at a very competitive price.

The new MPC10 model can be used for a broad range of applications, even the most challenging ones. Perfect for the agriculture industry, the EASYWELL range features outstanding resistance to wear.

Due to the mechanical silicon carbide seal, it is also suitable for heavy duty operations where abrasive liquids are present, and ensures remarkable resistance to thermal shock and aggressive chemicals.

The MPC10 motor is particularly sturdy and reliable thanks to graphite-based, self-lubricating, composite material line bearings and a thrust bearing whose oversize is amply suited to withstand the axial loads generated by the wet end.

Moreover, the copper rotor and the large stacks ensure excellent, top-level electrical performance and efficiency that exceed the average of its competitors.

The innovative MPC10 is suitable for applications with VSDs (variable speed drives), and is available in AISI 316 full stainless steel versions (MPCW10).

Caprari used its experience to create a motor that is innovative and reliable, providing customers new opportunities, while reducing return on investment time.

Caprari borehole pumps and EASYWELL motors ensure a very high level of efficiency.

As well as being competitively priced, MPC10 motors have reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

The EASYWELL series represents a reliable alternative to MAC submersible motors – Caprari’s exclusive design for top performing and heavy duty applications.

Caprari’s customers rely on one of the most complete lines of borehole pumps and submersible motors ever.

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