Cassowary Coast Regional Council has released a statement in response to concerns raised regarding alleged failures at two separate sewerage pump stations at Port Hinchinbrook.

A Council spokesman confirmed the first complaint was received on Wednesday morning 17 March and related to a pump station near the corner of Keith Williams Drive and Poinciana Boulevard.   

Investigations revealed that a grease crust had developed in the pump station well. This led to an unpleasant odour in the area. Council said it found no evidence of sewage overflow and the pumps at the pump station investigated were operating properly and as intended.

On Wednesday evening, Nick Dametto, State Member for Hinchinbrook approached Council with a second report of a potential pump station failure. This incident related to the pump station in the park area at the eastern end of Keith Williams Drive.

This matter was investigated and again Council said it found no evidence of sewage overflow or pump failure, but workers did find an odour issue from build up of grease in the nearby pump station well. 

To eliminate the odour, maintenance was undertaken on Thursday 18 March which involved the use of a specialised truck to remove the accumulated fats, which were then disposed of at Tully Sewage Treatment Plant.

The impact of fats, oils and grease can be severe to sewerage infrastructure. Fats, oils and grease in residential areas can enter sewerage systems via sinks and dishwashers, and can accumulate resulting in odours, reduced pipework efficiency, pipe blockages and problems at the pump stations and treatment plant.

Council said this is a timely reminder to all residents that putting foreign objects such as fat, oils and grease down our drains can cause serious issues and these items should be disposed of correctly.  

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