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Pump School: When to use a positive displacement pump

The choice between a centrifugal and positive displacement pumps is not always apparent and cannot be made without a full understanding of the differences. The fundamental difference is that positive displacement pumps, with the exception of air operated diaphragm pumps, are basically constant volume machines where flowrates are independent of pressure. Flow is dependent only […]

Pump School: Air-operated diaphragm pumps

In this edition of “pump school” we look at the principles of operation for air-operated diaphragm pumps. Basic design features Most diaphragm pumps (in this example we are using Sandpiper) are driven by compressed air. The directional air distribution valve and pilot valve, referred to as the “air end”, are located in the centre section […]

Pump Standards Part 2

In Part 2 of our article looking at pump standards, we take a closer look at organisations that prepare and certify pump specifications. American National Standards Institute – ANSI The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organisation that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel […]

Considerations for selecting and installing a progressive cavity pump

The pump industry relies on expertise from a large and varied range of specialists, from experts in particular pump types to those with an intimate understanding of pump reliability; and from researchers who delve into the particulars of pump curves to experts in pump efficiency. To draw upon the wealth of expert knowledge the Australian pump industry has to […]

Pump School: Pump Standards

There are many pump standards used in the pump industry today. These standards may be national, international, industry specific, company specific or project specific. This is the first of a two part article in which we will attempt to outline the more commonly used pump specifications within Australia; specifically the organisations that either prepare or certify pump specifications. […]

How important is the reliability of your pumping system?

One of the most important stages in the life of a pump is when it’s first installed which is why Pump Industry Australia (PIA) is inviting pump workers to undertake an installation and commissioning course to make sure they are accredited and know how to minimise potential problems during installation. The training course has been […]

Brush up your pump technology skills

Australian Industrial Marketing (AIM) is holding its Level 1 Pump Technology course in Melbourne on 22 and 29 September at Envirotech Water Solutions, covering pump selection, operation and troubleshooting. The course will be held in the boardroom of Envirotech Water Solutions at 17 Kareela Street, Mordialloc. Day one of the technology information course is on […]

Is your diesel pump costing you money?

Tests of irrigation pumps across NSW commonly show that many are not performing adequately due to incorrect pump selection or wear. In the third of a series of fact sheets, the NSW Department of Primary Industries explains how you can measure the running costs and pump efficiency of diesel engine powered irrigation pumps to determine […]

Join a registered list of pump experts

Pump Industry Australia (PIA) is inviting pump workers to undertake an installation and commissioning refresher course which will allow them to join a register of accredited personnel and be seen by industry as installation experts. The training course has been developed by industry experts and is recommended for all people involved in the supply and […]

Measuring pumping costs for electric irrigation pumps

If the wrong pump is chosen or is worn out, this can increase pumping costs and reduce productivity. In the second of a series of fact sheets, the NSW Department of Primary Industries describes a simple way to work out the pumping costs and energy efficiency of your electric pump. Tests of irrigation pumps across […]


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