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Reliability engineering is the evaluation, and life-cycle management of reliability: the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The reliability and maintenance of Pumps and pump systems is a key component in plant reliability

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Working with suppliers you can trust

Credentials, credibility, credence – these words all stem from the latin credere – to believe...

Selecting the correct sewage pump impeller

by Joe Evans, Pump Ed 101 The selection of an impeller for a sewage pump...

Funding for Victorian solar pumped hydro

The Victorian Government and City of Greater Bendigo have committed $150,000 in funding towards a...

Tough enough to withstand corrosive wastewater

Pumps in wastewater environments are subject to a number of elements, including abrasive and corrosive...

Eradicator solves pump choking issues at shopping centre

A contractor for a major shopping centre on the Gold Coast was having problems with...

Bodalla Sewerage Scheme receives funding

The NSW Government will provide $713,090 in funding for the construction of a new sewage...

Providing a complete pumping solution

Global leaders in pump control ComAp introduce their plug-and-play solution for the pumping market, making installation...

Flygt Concertor trial: A success for Swedish municipality

Operators of a municipal wastewater pumping station in the rural town of Lomma on Sweden’s...

Old Gorman-Rupp pumps still perform

A sand quarry in Wagga Wagga purchased a second-hand Gorman-Rupp self-priming 10” T10A3S-B pump in...

Solving sludge pump choking problems

Lismore City Council was having chronic problems with their digester pump choking at their South...


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