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Reliability engineering is the evaluation, and life-cycle management of reliability: the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The reliability and maintenance of Pumps and pump systems is a key component in plant reliability

Latest News

Selecting the correct sewage pump impeller

by Joe Evans, Pump Ed 101 The selection of an impeller for a sewage pump...

Funding for Victorian solar pumped hydro

The Victorian Government and City of Greater Bendigo have committed $150,000 in funding towards a...

Tough enough to withstand corrosive wastewater

Pumps in wastewater environments are subject to a number of elements, including abrasive and corrosive...

Eradicator solves pump choking issues at shopping centre

A contractor for a major shopping centre on the Gold Coast was having problems with...

Bodalla Sewerage Scheme receives funding

The NSW Government will provide $713,090 in funding for the construction of a new sewage...

Providing a complete pumping solution

Global leaders in pump control ComAp introduce their plug-and-play solution for the pumping market, making installation...

Flygt Concertor trial: A success for Swedish municipality

Operators of a municipal wastewater pumping station in the rural town of Lomma on Sweden’s...

Old Gorman-Rupp pumps still perform

A sand quarry in Wagga Wagga purchased a second-hand Gorman-Rupp self-priming 10” T10A3S-B pump in...

Solving sludge pump choking problems

Lismore City Council was having chronic problems with their digester pump choking at their South...

Eliminating snaking and leaking from irrigation hoses

An Australian cane grower has found a solution to eliminate snaking and puncture tears in...


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