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Specifying heavy duty pumps for critical industries

API 610 pumps are expensive, normally custom built and are often on a long delivery. So why would you specify an API 610 pump? Ron Astall explains why.

Submersible wastewater pump and motor testing – Part 1

by Joe Evans, Pump Ed 101 All pumps should be tested regularly, but wastewater pumps are at the top of my list as they are especially susceptible to changing system conditions.Even if a pump operates at BEP at start up, many conditions will change during the coming months and years. These include malfunctioning gate and […]

Optimising pumping using variable speed drives

by Troy Leyden, Operations Engineer, Fitzroy River Water It is well known that a variable speed drive (VSD) can be used to reduce energy consumption by slowing down a pump instead of throttling a valve to deliver the desired flow rate. But what savings could be achieved if a VSD was installed? If a VSD […]

Meeting the system needs

by Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer, Engineered Software In this article, we will look at a wastewater collection system consisting of a pump, collection and destination tanks, and the interconnecting piping. In this system, water is pumped from a collection tank to the destination tank and a pump is required to overcome the change in static […]

Interaction of components in piping systems

by Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer, Engineered Software Piping systems are often called upon to deliver product or services that differ from their original design intent. The engineer is then tasked to make the required changes with minimum impact to production or service delivery with the smallest possible capital outlay. Sometimes what might seem to be a simple, straightforward […]

Marketing 101 for pump companies: how to get your business noticed

With hundreds of local and international businesses vying for a customer’s attention, pump companies need to know how they can stand out from the crowd. The marketing landscape has changed enormously in the past decade with SEO, social media, and content marketing all becoming key elements of any marketing strategy. The team at Monkey Media […]

Shaping the industry’s future

Last November, the PIA council and members met for the association’s 13th annual general meeting and dinner. Attendees discussed the extensive training and liaison activities undertaken by the PIA in 2016, and discussed potential pump opportunities in China. The PIA was happy to report the continuing success of its Installation and Commissioning training course, which […]

Update your pump skills and network with Sydney’s pump market

PIA is hosting two events in February; a technical meeting for members and guests on 21 February and an installation and commissioning training course on 22 February. The technical meeting will provide an opportunity to network with the Sydney pump market, and the training course, normally held in Melbourne is coming to NSW for the […]

Thinking positive: the characteristics of positive displacement pumps

The PIA’s Australian Pump Technical Handbook is a cornerstone text for the Australian pump industry and, in our opinion, a must have for anyone who deals with pumps on a regular basis. In this ongoing series, we feature abridged chapters from the classic book to showcase the various areas covered and to reacquaint readers with the technical aspects […]

New pump training centre

Hydro Innovations recently opened a new training centre, called the Hydro Innovations Pump Institute, to assist its customers in the selection, troubleshooting and maintenance of centrifugal pumps. The centre will focus mostly on self priming pumps, but aspects of the curricula offered will also include standard centrifugal and submersible pumps. The institute covers two floors, […]


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