On World Plumbing Day (March 11), Victorian Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert, said the role plumbers play in sustainability and water conservation often goes unnoticed.

From water reuse methods, installing water efficient products, solar water heating, developing water and energy efficient appliances and embracing new technologies, the next generation of plumbers are contributing to safeguarding the environment and water saving.

About 17 per cent of Victoria’s 4,743 plumbing apprentices in 2014 were 25 or older. A spike in mature-age plumbing apprentices is being driven partly by the lure of green plumbing, the security of the industry and forecast huge demand for services.

“Plumbing is a growing industry embracing new technologies that’s helping to build a more sustainable Victoria.

“Apprenticeships are an important pathway, not just for school-leavers, but for mature-aged Victorians wanting to start a plumbing career.” said Mr Herbert.

Organisations such as new Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centres (PICAC) aim to retrain manufacturing workers for new careers in plumbing, with a focus on sustainable green technologies.


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