The CFA will be touring a prototype of a new and improved next generation medium pumper through every district in Victoria in order to garner feedback from members.

The roadshow gives CFA members the opportunity to comment on its features. At the end of the tour, this feedback will be collated and reviewed to finalise the specification of the medium pumper.

The journey to upgrade the medium pumper began in August 2012, when the project team assessed the current medium pumper’s strengths and identified features that could be improved.

When developing the specifications for the new medium pumper, the project team considered a number of areas such as the overall size, the design of the rear pump instrument panel, the position of the side delivery outlets, pump arrangement, stowage equipment, and type of hose reels.

The team also consulted with a working group of district mechanical officer (DMOs) to assess maintenance issues. The DMOs looked at improved maintenance access to the rear-mounted fire pump, pump plumbing, Class B foam system and electrical wiring.

The prototype has a Scania P280 CrewCab chassis and a Godiva Prima rear-mounted fire pump. SEM Fire and Rescue was responsible for the build-up of the bodywork and supply of stowage equipment.

The prototype’s improved features include:

  • Two breathing apparatus sets within the rear seats of the crew cabin;
  • Changes to the height and colour of the emergency beacons and hazard emergency lights;
  • New reflective striping on the side of the crew cabin and the top of the bodywork above the roller shutters;
  • Fitment of a rumbler system;
  • White search light on the roof of the cabin with remote control;
  • New rechargeable torch and hand-held torches in cabin and bodywork;
  • New location for the suction hoses at the front of the bodywork;
  • Better access to ceiling hook, and foam pick-up stick and line at the front of the bodywork;
  • Side delivery outlets located in the middle of the bodywork;
  • Simplified rear pump instrument panel with upgraded pump governor and manual throttle control knob;
  • Larger electronic water tank level indicators located on the pump panel and both sides of the bodywork;
  • New triple extension ladder and upgrade ladder gantry arrangement;
  • Direct injection Class B foam system located within the forward delivery outlets;
  • Two dead hose reels complete with 38mm extruded rubber hose with external lug couplings located in lockers; and
  • A range of new and upgraded stowage equipment within the crew cabin and bodywork.

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