The City of Stonnington has celebrated its success in committing to 100 per cent renewable energy, with renewable energy now accounting for all the Council’s energy consumption in part due to a roadmap outlining the replacement of equipment such as pumps. 

The City of Stonnington joined 46 other Victorian Councils (the Victorian Energy Collaboration) on 1 July 2021 in a commitment to switch to 100 per cent renewable energy. Stonnington has formulated a five-year plan to reach its zero-carbon targets as well as delivering on its strategic priorities as outlined in the Climate Emergency Action Plan, Sustainable Environment Strategy and Council Plan.

Since July 2021, all of Council’s electricity consumption has come from renewable sources. Wind farm generated renewable energy sourced through Red Energy is now powering the town hall, sports grounds, golf course, depot and community centres.

Stonnington Council has decreased its natural gas use to get to a level that now only accounts for half of Council’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it a key focus area for the next phase of the transition from gas to electric consumption.

Council engaged energy efficiency consultancy Bridgeford Group, to undertake a review of the existing natural gas assets in order to develop a strategic roadmap for the switch to all-electric equipment and ensure replacement technologies are fit for purpose.

The five-year roadmap includes the replacement of equipment such as cooktops, ducted heating and hot water systems, with induction, split system and pump models, as well as the transition to electric vehicles. Due to improvements in technology such as heat pumps, chillers and induction cooking, all-electric equipment can now be used as a substitute for gas equipment while achieving the same outcomes, is just as efficient, and a cheaper alternative in the long term.

This project is integral to Stonnington Council’s zero-carbon targets, and will ensure the city thrives in a changing climate. By planning for the removal of aging gas assets and facilitating its increased use of renewable energy, Council is leading the way in the reduction of harmful emissions.

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