The city of Swan in Western Australia has taken a major step towards the rehabilitation of Emu Lake, by completing works on an embayment and pump installation.

By constructing an embayment on the lake’s foreshore, the City has taken permanent action to improve and maintain the water quality.

The embayment includes a clay bund, vegetated floating panels and a pump to ensure the water is constantly circulated, treated and oxygenated.

The City will continue to work on the condition of the lake area, with a focus on making the area more habitable for native animals.

City of Swan Mayor, David Lucas, said it’s been a long journey to rejuvenate Emu Lake, with extensive works taking plan over the last decade.

“The lake was once brown, foul-smelling and unhealthy – with harmful cyanobacteria and blue-green algae blooms growing on the surface of the water,” Mr Lucas said.

“Over time, the city has treated the water, upgraded stormwater filters and installed water pumps and circulation equipment to help return the lake to good health.

“We have also worked closely with the local community to ensure that the amenity of the lake reflects their wishes.

“Now that Emu Lake is revitalised, it’s important that we keep it pristine. We are grateful to the Friends of Emu Lake volunteer Group for undertaking regular patrols and removing rubbish from the area.”

Whiteman Ward Councillor, John McNamara, said he was delighted to visit the area and see the changes.

“Emu Lake is a great place to visit and enjoy some time in nature, I strongly encourage our residents to make the most of this beautiful space,” Mr McNamara said.

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