A leaked Coalition policy to develop Northern Australia includes plans for more than 100 new dams.

Largely based across Northern Australia, the dams would be used for irrigation in a bid to double Australia’s food production.

The $30 billion plan includes pumping water from the Kimberley to Perth as well as  a number of dams in northern NSW.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott said it was a discussion paper and the Coalition did not necessarily support all the recommendations, however they did agree with a majority of the suggestions.

“What we want to avoid is the dam phobia which has afflicted our country for at least a generation.

“I’m talking about the potential of our country to be better than we are. And we certainly shouldn’t have this green extremism which says all dams are bad at all times, everywhere.”

Building dams was a “key” Coalition policy and was something that “must happen for Australia”, he said.

The election is scheduled for September 14.

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