Victorian Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville, has announced the completion of a $9.75million upgrade to Colac’s Water Reclamation Plant, which included construction of a pump station, pipeline and two, one million litre lagoons.

Now that the upgrade is complete, the plant can produce Class C recycled water that will help reduce demand on Colac’s water supplies.

Class C recycled water can be used for a range of purposes such as irrigating crops, watering sporting grounds, open public spaces and golf courses, and for some industrial uses.

Biogas is given off during the treatment process and trapped in the covered lagoons. Barwon Water is investigating beneficial reuse options for this resource once the lagoons are producing consistent gas volumes.

“It’s great to see the upgrade of the Colac Reclamation Plant, another water project that supports local and regional economic growth and jobs,” Ms Neville said.

“The upgrade is also a plus for the local environment as it provides opportunities for using recycled water to reduce demand on potable supplies and also produces a biogas resource that could be put to use in the future.”

The reclamation plant upgrade will be complemented by the connection of Colac to Geelong’s water supply system by mid 2017.

This connection will improve security of water supply for Colac, which is currently reliant on rainfall in its storage catchments and is therefore susceptible to drops in water storage levels.

Barwon Water Managing Director, Joe Adamski, said, “The upgrade will ensure Barwon Water can continue to provide safe and effective sewage treatment as Colac continues to grow.”

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