An aerial image of the New South Wales town of Quirindi

The Quipolly Dam is now connected to the taps of residents in Quirindi and Werris Creek, with the New South Wales Government announcing the completion of the Quipolly Water Project. 

The project received $15 million funding from the Federal Government, $10 million from the New South Wales Government and $11.9 million funding from Liverpool Plains Shire Council.

The new infrastructure includes:

  • A new water treatment plant near Quipolly Dam which can produce up to six million litres of high-quality water every day to cater for population growth and tourism
  • A 20km water pipeline from Quipolly Dam to Werris Creek and Quirindi to transfer treated water from the plant to homes and businesses
  • A new 0.4ML water reservoir in Werris Creek for better supply storage
  • A destratification system in Quipolly Dam
  • Upgraded Dam Intake valves

The New South Wales Government said that while construction of the new plant commenced in late 2021, the entire project was almost two decades in the making.

The plant includes several high-tech treatment processes that are used to remove contaminants from the water such as particles and algae to make it safer to drink.

Liverpool Plains Shire Council is one of the first water utilities in regional New South Wales to innovatively use the Hydroplus Fuse Gate spillway system that helps safeguard water infrastructure during flood events and enables the plant to capture and store flood water.

Federal Minister for Water,Tanya Plibersek, said, “This critically important project will lock in long-term water security and reliability for a part of rural New South Wales that knows all too well the impacts of dry times.

“The Federal Government wants to see more projects like this, to help communities better prepare for drought.”

New South Wales Minister for Water, Rose Jackson, said, “We don’t just talk about drought-proofing infrastructure; we build it.

“The new water treatment plant and transfer pipeline are equipped with all the latest bells and whistles to ensure the community has access to better quality water and more of it to meet demand.

“Water infrastructure unlocks economic opportunities for regional towns and in this case, we’ve seen dozens of local jobs created through the design and construction process and now a water supply system is in place that can service more houses, businesses and visitors in this beautiful region which is a win-win.”

Liverpool Plains Shire Mayor, Doug Hawkins, said, “The completion of the Quipolly Water Project is a landmark moment, marking the final stage of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s long-term vision, known as the Regional Water Supply Strategy and I want to thank everyone involved who played their part in getting the project done.

“What we have now is a new state-of-the-art water treatment plant employing at least seven different treatment processes and we are extremely proud of this achievement.

“This is a great example of local, state and federal government all working together closely to deliver the best possible outcome for our community.”

Image credit: John Carnemolla/

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