Construction is set to begin on a new sewerage pump station in Wulguru, and is the final stage of a project to improve the area’s sewerage system.

Townsville-based company Civil Plus Constructions has been awarded the contract to carry out work on a $7 million project to construct a new sewerage pump station.

The works are part of Townsville City Council’s Wulguru Sewer Upgrade Project and will address some of the suburb’s sewer service capacity issues.

Townsville Water & Waste Committee chairperson, Russ Cook, said the upgrades were not glamourous but were necessary.

“The sewer system was unable to cope with the increased capacity for the Wulguru community, particularly in the southern and western parts of the area,” Mr Cook said.

“The system was unable to meet capacity, and there was a risk it could overflow during a significant rain event.

“The Wulguru Sewer Upgrade Project has been split into two components, and contractors Newlands Civil Construction were awarded component one late last year to construct a gravity sewer and rising main. This project is on track to be completed by mid-August.

“Construction of the sewerage pump station is set to be finished by mid-December and is the final bit of infrastructure needed to ensure the sewerage system can meet the current and future demands of the Wulguru community.”

Mayor, Jenny Hill, said these upgrades were stage three of Council’s $54 million Southern Suburbs Rising Main project.

“The project has seen more than 13km of pipeline laid to cater for anticipated population growth in Townsville over the next 30 years,” Ms Hill said.

“During stages one and two, Council upgraded the pipeline from the Yolanda Drive pump station in Annandale to the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant.

“This project supports the area’s anticipated population growth and supports Townsville University Hospital, Lavarack Barracks and James Cook University.

“Townsville is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities and investing in infrastructure like this is vital to meeting the needs of a growing community.”

For more information on the Southern Suburbs Rising Main and Wulguru Sewer Upgrade projects, visit Southern Suburbs Rising Main Project.

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