The Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant (VIC) is receiving a $20million upgrade by Yarra Valley Water.

According to the Managing Director of Yarra Valley Water, Pat McCafferty, the new Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant is being built to meet the needs of current and future customers in the growing area.

“As the northern suburbs continue to grow it is important that the infrastructure keeps up with the growing community. Yarra Valley Water is continuing to help build those communities, and the new Wallan treatment plant is part of our overall investment, providing vital infrastructure in the Northern Growth Corridor.”

The Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant collects sewage from the townships of Wallan, Wallan East, Beveridge, Wandong and Heathcote Junction. The existing plant itself is nearing capacity and needs to be upgraded to treat the extra sewage coming from new developments.

“As an interim measure we have increased capacity at the existing facility as much as possible, by continuing to maintain and upgrade it while the new plant is being constructed. Two additional aerators were added to the plants lagoons, increasing the amount of oxygen in the wastewater to help break down the sewage and speed up the treatment process.

The new treatment plant is expected to be completed in 2016, and will allow the supply of Class A recycled water to customers in the area.

“To reduce the demand on drinking water, we are dedicated to providing recycled water for an ever-increasing range of residential, commercial and open space uses. This water will replace drinking water for washing clothes, flushing toilets, watering gardens and washing cars. Currently we have over 13,000 customers in the north and east who are connected to recycled water and we expect this number to continue to grow over the next 20 years,” added Mr McCafferty.


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