Sydney Water has announced that it has awarded the construction contract for its Kemps Creek Dual Pressure Mains project.

The two 6.8km wastewater pipelines, estimated to be complete in 2025, will be delivered by Quickway Constructions. 

Sydney Water said the pipelines will be essential for the commissioning of the Upper South Creek (USC) Advanced Water Recycling Centre (AWRC) at Kemps Creek.

The new pressure mains are designed to improve wastewater services and allow for development in Sydney’s South West Growth Area, improving reliability and connection opportunities for homes and businesses in Austral, Leppington North, Rossmore, Kemps Creek and parts of Leppington and Catherine Fields North when the AWRC goes live in 2026.

Sydney Water’s Head of Major Projects, Emma Pryor, said the Kemps Creek Dual Pressure Mains and USC AWRC projects are significant infrastructure investments for Sydney Water in Western Sydney.

“We’re planning ahead to ensure we continue to provide reliable wastewater services for the forecasted growth of more than 400,000 people for the area.

“Building the USC AWRC is just one part of the puzzle. We also need pipelines, like the Kemps Creek Dual Pressure Mains, to collect wastewater from the surrounding region for recycling and reuse.”

Ms Pryor said that the Kemps Creek Dual Pressure Mains will be the first of many pipelines to be constructed across Western Sydney that will transport wastewater to the USC AWRC for recycling and reuse for a number of non-drinking water purposes.

“The USC AWRC will use reverse osmosis – the same technology used by the desalination plant – to treat water to a high-quality and produce recycled water, renewable energy and bio-resources.”

The USC AWRC is currently being constructed and is expected to become operational in 2026.

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