Rio Tinto has awarded a substantial contract for the design, construction and commissioning of a tertiary wastewater treatment plant for the township of Wickham in northern Western Australia.

Desalination and wastewater treatment company Osmoflo secured the contract due to significant improvements in its wastewater and turn-key project delivery.

The new wastewater treatment plant to be designed, constructed and commissioned by Osmoflo is part of the broader Wickham expansion project. Following commissioning and testing the plant will be handed over to the WA Water Corporation.

Osmoflo is responsible for process design and delivery of an advanced membrane based ultrafiltration system including chemical dosing, chlorination and other mechanical equipment. Reflecting its increasing capabilities in turnkey water and wastewater solutions, Osmoflo has also been appointed to carry out all site installation and civil works associated with the project and commissioning.

All works will be carried out in compliance with both Rio Tinto and Water Corporation standards and will also meet regulations covering construction in cyclone-prone areas.

Drawing treated wastewater from the existing facultative lagoons, the membrane based filtration system will produce reclaimed water in line with WA Department of Health Guidelines. This will be used to irrigate open space in and around the Wickham township.

The contract will be delivered and commissioned by Osmoflo’s Wastewater Business.

“Osmoflo has an established track record with WA Water Corporation in project delivery and operation and maintenance. That, combined with our ability to deliver value for money in terms CAPEX and on-going OPEX performance were key factors leading to this success,” said Jamie Roodenrys, Manager, Wastewater.

The contract’s value is approximately $15m.

Osmoflo is the largest Australian headquartered desalination company with offices across the globe and a growing business in the delivery of projects involving the treatment and reuse of wastewater.

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