TasWater has awarded the contract for the construction of the $8.3 million King Island water treatment plant in Tasmania.

Laurie Curran Water will construct the new plant as part of the King Island Water Infrastructure program.

The plant will supply high-quality drinking water to residents of Currie and Grassy through a new 26km pipeline which is under construction between the two townships.

TasWater Project Manager, Randal Muth, said the contract will include both design of the system which will begin straight away and the construction due to get underway at the start of 2018.

“This contract will see the construction of significant infrastructure on the island to supply the two main townships with safe drinking water straight to the tap,” Mr Muth said.

“The project will include new raw water intake structure and pump station from the Upper Grassy Dam to feed the new water treatment plant. We will also be building a new clear water storage tank near Gentle Annie Reserve along with another tank, three times larger, to be built in Currie.”

The new treatment plant, located at the same site of the existing Grassy plant, will incorporate dissolved air flotation, nano-filtration and carbon filtration, as well as disinfection.

“When it’s finished, the operational plant will produce one million litres of safe, treated drinking water per day. That is more than enough water to fill two Olympic swimming pools every week,” Mr Muth said.

TasWater CEO, Mike Brewster, said the project will provide a boost to the local community for both tourism and local businesses, and help cater for expected growth on the island.

“The Grassy to Currie pipeline contractor MSD have made great progress in recent months bringing on board local workers. TasWater is pleased the new contract with Laurie Curran Water is now signed so the next stage of this extensive water supply infrastructure project can continue,” Mr Brewster said.

The King Island Water Infrastructure Project will be completed near the end of 2018.

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